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Tips & Tricks: How To Improve Your Skateboard Filming

Every skateboarder should know the basics of filming. If you skateboard actively there is a good chance you have tried your hand at filming once or twice. This is where some film knowledge will do you some good. Let's face it, skateboarding and filming go hand in hand. There isn't always enough film gurus around to capture every clip. If your a skater that occasionally films for friends, or your looking to get into a career in skateboard filming then we have the article for you. We will be going over some common film mistakes and how you fix them. Avoid these mistakes for great filming!!   Mistake #1 Getting in front of the skater: Generally when your filming skateboarding you...

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Benefits Of Being A skateboarder: Why It's Good To Skate

All of the news articles produced by the mass media very rarely look at the benefits of riding a skateboard. There are a multitude of health and personal benefits. Wether you are a youngster trying to convince your parents that skateboarding is a respectable sport, or a parent who wants to introduce your kid to the sport. Here are some of the top benefits of being a skateboarder.  You will have a fitness advantage over your peers: Skateboarding trains your body in a unique way. Skateboarding is all about balance and movement. As you skate you will notice that your core and lower body have developed to handle the stress. It's a very good lower body and core workout. Not...

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Jagger Eaton Gets His Own Nickelodeon Show

Nickelodeon has announced it's new 2016 lineup. The new lineup is set to include 15 year old skateboarding superstar Jagger Eaton. Eaton was the youngest ever competitor in X Games history. The show is said to be titled "Jagger Eaton's Mega Life," and will follow young Eaton as he travels around the world skateboarding. The show will be produced by Rob Dyrdek's production company called Superjacket Productions. (Fantasy Factory, Ridculousness) According to reports Nick has ordered 20 episodes of the show. Plans are in place to present the show to audiences later this year.  This is great news for the skateboarding community. A young skateboarding star on a large platform will only help promote the sport. Rob Dyrdek has a...

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10 Things No Skateboarder Ever Says

There are some things that are so rare in a community you almost never hear them. The skateboarding community is no exception. We have have complied a list of 20 interesting things you have probably never heard while out at the skate park.   1. "Don't you just love sharing the park with scooter kids." Reason: We actually fully support scooting, It's an action sport just like skateboarding. The same can't be said for everyone though.  2. "I'm totally not okay after that fall." Reason: No one wants to be the skater thats not macho enough to take a fall. Everyone says their okay.  3. "I skate so well in front of girls." reason: Well.. 4. "I suck at S.K.A.T.E"...

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10 Ways Skateboarders Can Cope With Winter Weather

The peak of the skateboarding craze is during the summer months. Summer only last for so long and soon winter has us in it's clutches. The worst thing a dedicated skateboarder can face is harsh winter weather consisting of a mix of rain, sleet and snow. Fear not dedicated skaters because we have complied a comprehensive list of 10 effective ways to cope with the winter weather. Take Advantage Of All Opportunities To Skate That The Weather Permits: Sometimes mother nature gives you a freebie. Be prepared to take advantage of all available freebies to keep yourself sharp. This tip may seem pretty obvious but many skaters completely abandon their boards in the winter. Don't let the cold weather stop you....

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