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Benefits Of Being A skateboarder: Why It's Good To Skate

All of the news articles produced by the mass media very rarely look at the benefits of riding a skateboard. There are a multitude of health and personal benefits. Wether you are a youngster trying to convince your parents that skateboarding is a respectable sport, or a parent who wants to introduce your kid to the sport. Here are some of the top benefits of being a skateboarder. 
You will have a fitness advantage over your peers: Skateboarding trains your body in a unique way. Skateboarding is all about balance and movement. As you skate you will notice that your core and lower body have developed to handle the stress. It's a very good lower body and core workout. Not to mention skateboarding is also a great cardio workout. It's pretty easy to work up a sweat skating on a summer afternoon. Hey, It's better than staying home and playing video games. 
Anyone Can Skateboard, you will find acceptance: Skateboarding does not discriminate. White, Black or young and old, you will find a place in the skateboarding community. You don't need any special  physical qualities or features. There is no coach telling you that your not good enough. As long as your willing to put in the effort, you will succeed on your own terms. This is a large part of the reason skateboarding is so popular with those deemed "outsiders" by society. 
Skateboarding Teaches You Perseverance And Builds Your Confidence: When you skateboard there is little to rely on but yourself. The time and effort you put in is the results you get out of it. You are solely responsible for how far you choose to take things. For this reason, skaters must be a confident bunch. If you don't love the failure like you love the triumph, there won't be much success. One day you are looking like superman, the next like an average Joe. Sometimes you will learn a trick in just a few hours, sometimes you will practice a trick for a month and never get it. But you keep at it. You refuse to lose. Skateboarding teaches you the value of staying with something, even when it's not easy, even when you are outcasted because of it. These are valuable life lessons that skateboarding teaches you. It shows you how to be true to yourself and never give up. 
You Will Learn To Be Mentally Tough: Skaters will learn to be both mentally and physically tough. You have to be. It takes a tremendous amount of toughness to slam to the concrete five times in a row and get back up for another try. It takes an incredible amount of will power to achieve success at skateboarding. One that most "normal" people probably don't have. 
You will surround yourself with like minded people: This is a huge reason a lot of kids find skateboarding. They are outsiders looking for other people to connect with. Skateboarding is a good catalyst for this. When you get deeper in to the community you start to see that the skateboarding community is wide ranging family. Skaters look out for and help each other out in times of need. The skateboarding community really becomes your second family.
Skateboarding Is Fun And A Positive Way To Spend Your Time: Unlike a lot of other forms of physical activity, skateboarding is actually fun. There is something about skateboarding that makes you want to master it. You will learn to find fun in the challenges that accompany skating. Not to mention that landing a trick that you have been fighting to get is the best feeling in the world. 
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  • Swee

    So very true everything that was written new to longboarding,2 yrs ago and started after I retired at 60 yrs.Am street skating everyday n having lots of fun.Never too old to learn,slow and steady

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