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Steven Fernandez Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of 12 Year Old Girl

Image taken from & LAPD


Famous youtube skateboarder Steven Fernandez who ironically goes by the name "baby scumbag" has been arrested and is facing sexual exploitation charges. The victim of the alleged crime is said to be a 12 year old girl. According to reports Fernandez used his celebrity status to lure the girl in. Police says that the 15 year old skateboader and social media star promised to introduced the girl to celebrities as well as an appearance on his TV show in exchange for sex.

Fernandez, his manager Jose Barajas and close friend Keelan Dadd were all arrested. Los Angeles police issued a statement on the arrest of the young star. The statement saying that Fernandez would be tried as an adult and referenced him as "the prime mover" in the conspiracy. The girl told police that Fernandez first engaged with her by calling her over from inside a car driven by Jose Barajas. Fernandez then encouraged the girl to get in the car where he then promised to introduce her to A-List celebrities in exchange for sexual acts with him, Barajas and Dadd. Police suspect that the three men regularly drove the Los Angeles area looking to solicit young girls.

Fernandez and Barajas where arrested on Nov. 17th after a "how to catch a predator style" sting operation. According to police an undercover operative posing as a young girl arranged to meet Fernandez and his manger for sex. When the skater and his manager showed up they were immediately arrested. Dadd turned himself in just weeks later.

Fernandez, Dadd and Barajas all face charges of lascivious acts with a child under 14. Fernandez has since been released to his mother while the other two men have posted bail. 

 Steven Fernandez was in the process of conquering the skateboarding world following the launch and massive success of his clothing brand Honey Brand Co. The entire skateboarding community watches in shock and horror as we wait to see the future of Fernandez and his clothing company. What will become of Honey Brand? Is this the end of Steven Fernandez? Sound off in the comments section, let us know what you think. 

Sources: Newsweek,,, LAPD

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