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How To Get A Skateboard Sponsor


So you want to know how to get a skateboarding sponsor? Well you came to the right place. There is no better place to learn how to get sponsored by a skate company then from from a skate company. The goal of ever young skater is to be sponsored and have a company backing them up. There is no better feeling in the world then coming home to a new package filled with your favorite gear. 

Don't Be That Skater: Before you can start rolling in a sea of free stickers and t-shirts there are certain things you must first understand. Why do you want to be sponsored? Ask yourself this before you start reaching out to companies. If you only want sponsorship for free gear or to impress your friends you'll have a hard time reaching your goal. You should want to be sponsored because you genuinely love and are passionate about skateboarding. Don't be one of those skaters who wants sponsorship to look cool or just to get free stuff, It rarely works out. When you love skateboarding, skateboarding will love you back.

Be Uniquely You: Skateboarding companies are constantly being submitted footage from skaters all over the world. Make sure that your footage is as original as possible, have a unique style. Skateboarding is as much about style as it talent. Have a style that is uniquely yours and companies will take notice. Don't try to fake a style, let your personality show in your skating and just be yourself.

Make A Sponsor Me Video: Make an edit of all of your best highlights in one video. Companies like these videos because it gives them a good idea of your level of skating in just one video. Try to skate in a variety of spots and demonstrate your best tricks. Use a sponsor me video as an opportunity to show off your personality, if your including a song use a track that lets your personality and skating shine. 

Go To Local Competitions: If you are an unsponsored skater then local competitions are your chance to show your skill. There are almost always representatives from companies at these events so go show your stuff.

Make friends: Sometimes the best connection you have to a sponsor is someone thats already sponsored. If you have a friend that is sponsored ask what you can do to get sponsored too.

Use Social Media: Almost all skate companies are now on instagram and facebook. Post all of your best footage on instagram and its likely to be seen by the right people. Make sure to DM some of these companies in regards to sponsorship, they may not respond but that dose not mean they haven't seen your message. 

Send out your sponsor me video: Allot of brands have their email on their website, send them an email with your video, they may just watch it. 

Skaters frequently tend to falter in allot of areas regarding sponsorship. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Avoid sending a sponsor me video to a representatives email without introducing yourself. Companies may not know who you are, make sure to include a little about yourself and why you should be sponsored in the email.

2. Have a sponsor me video ready before contacting a company. There are allot of times when skaters contact reps but have no film to show. Don't let that be you.

3. Only contact companies that would seriously consider you. If you are not the greatest skater then targeting smaller companies is your best bet.

4. Remember to be patient, Companies get allot of videos every single day. If you sent a video to a company don't email them second asking if they have watched it yet. Just don't..

The most important part is that you love skating and have a passion for what you do. Implement these tips and you'll be sponsored in no time. 

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