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Why Justin Bieber & Lil Wayne Are Good For Skateboarding

The majority of people agree that skateboarding reached it's peak in the late 90's and early 2000's. The popularity of the sport was fueled by extensive media coverage. The rise of the X Games and the popularity of skateboarding superstar Tony Hawk led to skateboarding breaking through to mainstream popular culture. Before this the sport of skateboarding had been considered unconventional. Skateboarding establish itself as a mainstream activity in the early 2000's, skateboarding is not going anywhere but one should wonder if skateboarding can ever reach it's heyday popularity again. In order for skateboarding to once again reach the height of it's popularity it must be endorsed by a celebrity influencer.

In the early 2000's Tony Hawk became the name and face of skateboarding by reaching monumental levels of popularity.That sort of popularity for a skateboarder was rarely ever seen. Hawk was a major influencer of the early 2000's skateboarding subculture boom. Skateboarding still has it's fair share of stars but none have quite the influence Hawk had. The power and influence celebrities have on pop culture can't be understated. Having a celebrity continuously supporting the sport like Hawk did over a decade ago is skateboarding's ticket back to the big time. 

Justin Bieber and Lil wayne are without a doubt major influencers in pop culture today. In fact many would consider Bieber to be one of the biggest influencers in the celebrity world. Wayne is considered to be one of the biggest stars in the hip hop community by his own right. Both men have quietly made significant contributions to the progression of skateboarding by providing critical media exposure. Lil Wayne frequently mentions skateboarding in his music lyrics and has a private skatepark in Miami Florida. Wayne is frequently spotted at skateboard events, most recently he was spotted onlooking at the 2015 Tampa amateur contest. Rumor has it that he has a skatepark built into his recording studio (pretty cool huh?). Justin Bieber is another major celebrity supporter of the sport, he is frequently spotted in public cruising around on his skateboard. Justin even went to the lengths of teaming up with pro skateboarder Ryan Shecker, featuring him in a music video for his hit single what do you mean. The music video which has amassed over 100 million views on youtube features Sheckler skating around the city. Bieber allowing skating to be featured in his music videos goes a long way to reintegrating the sport into mainstream pop culture.

Having Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne promote skateboarding only helps increase it's media exposure. More media exposure means more money, with more money companies are at greater liberty to give out more sponsorships. Everyone wins!!   With the help of Bieber, Wayne and celebrities like them promoting the sport, skateboarding can once again become a pop culture phenomenon. 

Do you think JB & Wayne are helping progress the sport of skateboarding? 

Do you Think Skateboarding Will Experience Another Boom Period? 

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