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How To Get Good At Skateboarding (4 Tips To Help)

If you want to progress in skateboarding then you've come to the right place. These four tips will help you improve your skating. If you feel like your not at the level that you want to be these tips will help you get there.

Learn Your Tricks In Order: You can't kickflip before you can ollie. If you trying to learn to skateboard make sure that you start off with the basics first. Start with the easiest tricks first and don't move on to the more difficult tricks before your sure you've master the easier tricks. Take things step by step, it may seem tedious at first but in the end you'll be glad you did. 

Find A Skating Buddy: Find a buddy to skate with that is around the same level as you.  This method of learning is effective because you and your buddy can learn and progress together. Having someone there to motivate and push you goes a long way to helping you get better as a skateboarder. 

Film yourself: Whenever you are doing a difficult trick that you just can't seem to get try to film yourself. If you can't film yourself while performing the trick then get a friend to film you at the park. When you get home watch some videos of people properly performing the trick and then watch your video back. Study the video of the trick being performed correctly and compare it to your video. While viewing the videos identify where you made your mistake and try to correct it next time. Watching yourself on video is a powerful tool for quickly progressing. 

Put In The Work: In order to get good at anything you have to put in the work. There is no secret to this one. Sometimes repetition is the only thing that stands in the way from you and your goals. 

Put these tips into action on your journey to conquer the skateboarding world. Sound off in the comments section, let us know if you have any any tips for progressing at skateboarding. 


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