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How Much Do Professional Skateboarders Make?

Professional skateboarders are the coolest guys in the park, but how much do the pros actually make? This article will explain the in's and out's of the skateboard industry and the men and women behind it. According to multiple reports and some inside sources it is estimated that the average professional skateboarder rakes in about 1,000-1,500 a month per sponsor. This is just a monthly allowance to give the skater the freedom to continue to train and improve at skateboarding without having to worry about finances. While the monthly allowance is good it's not enough to survive off for most. Pro's with a limited amount of sponsors may find it difficult to exceed 30,000 dollars a year in net income. Professional skateboarders tend to have many streams of income. The pro's can rake in money from competitions, endorsements and promotions. A pro skater who wins 1-3 major events a year can generate earnings between 80-100k a year. Pro skaters who win multiple events can make between 500k to 1 million annually. 

Due to the fact that skateboarding is a performance based industry the pros are masters at supplementation. Just like with any performance athlete there are up and down years. Skateboarders strive to find new revenues of income in down years to supplement their loses. These usually come from endorsements and promotions. Skaters have to find a tricky balance between endorsements, competitions, and their monthly sponsor paycheck to generate a steady income every year. Other factors include skateboard deck sales, shoe sales and other endorsements.

What Sponsorships Are The Most Profitable? (The amount a skater is paid is completely dependent on the company they skate for, these numbers are just estimated averages.)

Skateboard Decks: Pretty much all professional skateboarders have a board sponsor. How can you actually be a pro without one right? it's reported that the average board company pays is riders about 1000-2000 a month. The higher paid skaters rake in around 3,000 a month.

Wheels: Wheels companies tend to be willing to pay their riders well. The average is around 1,500-2,000 dollars a month.

Trucks: The estimated average for truck companies is about 250 dollars. This is well below the industry average for wheels and decks. 

Shoes: It's safe to say that shoes are the holy grail of the skateboarding industry. Only the very elite ever get the opportunity to ever have their name on one. We are not exactly sure how much shoe deals are worth but you can bet it's allot of dinero.

Clothing: Clothing sponsorships generally bring in about 500-1,000 dollars a month for a pro skateboarder. 

Sunglasses & Watches: Both average around 500-1000 dollars a month.

Video Games: If a skateboarder makes it in a video game they are pretty set financially. 

Most professional skateboarders lean on their sponsors and skate events as a major source of their income. The skaters who succeed have proven that you can make money following your passion.

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