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5 Amateur Skateboarders To Watch In 2016

The professionals may be the one's signing the major deals and cashing the big paychecks buts its the amateurs that are constantly progressing the sport of skateboarding. Here we will rank the top 5 amateur skateboarders you should be looking out for in 2016. Did your favorite AM make the list? Read below to find out.


#5 Alex Midler: Coming in at number five is none other then the young skateboarding prodigy himself Alex Midler. Hailing from Calabasa,CA the young skateboarder won his first competition at only eleven years old. When he was twelve he became one of the youngest skaters to make the semi finals at Tampa Am. Not to mention he is a popular skateboarder with lots of social media followers. It's even been reported that he hangs and skates with hip hop artist Lil Wayne. Despite his age Midler has been a mainstay in the amateur scene for a while now. Alex is definitely one to watch in 2016.

#4 Yoshi Tanenbaum: Coming in at number four is Yoshi Tanenbuam, living in Jerusalem as a child his father would buy him skateboards from the local market. He was hooked ever since. Not long after Yoshi would be a rising star in the skateboarding world. If you want to make a name for yourself in skateboarding you win three out of the seven select series stops. He didn't stop there he also went on pick up the Damn Am of the year trophy and a ticket to skate the SLS pro open. This kid can't be stopped, keep your eyes peeled to see what he does in 2016.

#3 Jack Olson: Coming in at number three is Jack Olson. You just can't mention the best amateur skaters in the world without mentioning Jack Olson. Olson was the winner of Tampa Am in 2013 and has continued to be competitive in competitions and events. He made in semi finals in Tampa Am 2015 and is one to keep your eye on.

#2 Aurelien Giraud: Coming in at number two is Aurelien Giraud. Giraud has been skating since he was six years old under the tutelage of Greg “Marley” Laufersweiler, Mathieu Hilaire and JB Gillet. He has been on fire in 2015 winning the Vans Spring Classic, the Nike Berlin Open, the Munich Mash, the Arnette O’Marisquino and Tampa Am. Whenever your the winner of Tampa Am your going to be on this list. Giraud burst onto the national scenes with an epic win in Tampa. The frenchman put together an incredible run that earned him a 92.00 and the win. The entire skateboarding world is waiting to see what this seventeen year old shredder does in 2016.

#1 Jagger Eaton: Coming in at number one is Jagger Eaton. Eaton started taking skateboarding lessons from his father at the age of four years old. When he was only eleven years old Jagger became the youngest competitor in X Games history. Eaton has a fair share of accomplishments for his age and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Eaton won Tampa Am in 2014 and was just points away from taking home the top spot this year. In February of 2015 Eaton won the BoardrAm and earned an invitation to the finals at the X Games. Jagger Eaton is continuing to win and prove he is one of the best amateur skateboarders in the world, he is certainly one to to watch in 2016. 


Did we get it right? What you change? Sound off in the comments section. 



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