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Top 10 Skateboarders Of All Time

Last week we created an article talking about the Top 5 amateur skateboarders to watch in 2016. You can't look to the future without taking note of all of these legends. They have made huge impacts in the skateboarding world. Here's a list of some of these extraordinary people. 

#10 Elissa Streamer: Streamer was born in F.T. Meyers, Florida in 1975. Streamer is acknowledged as the first woman to have attained professional status in skateboarding history. Streamers contributions to skateboarding helped show the world that skateboarding is more than just a mans sport. Streamer has numerous X Games medals and accomplishments to her name. With all that said Elissa Streamer rightfully takes her place as one of the top 10 skaters of all time. 

#9 Rob Dyrdek: Dyrek was born in Kettering, Ohio in 1974. As a kid growing up in ohio Dyrek was very athletic and was involved in many sports. Rob Dyrek first took interest in skateboarding at the age of 11 when he was given his first skateboard by pro skater Neil Blender. The rest is history. In his career as a professional skateboarder Dyrek managed to set 21 world records. The use of his reality show to showcase him breaking interesting world records helped propel him to the top of the skateboarding world. Dyrek is now one of the most famous and recognized faces in hollywood, he had an outstanding career and thats why he's #9 on our list.

#8 Ryan Sheckler: Ryan Sheckler was born in La Palma, California in 1989. At 18 months Ryan was able to balance on a skateboard, by 4 years old he could do ollies. When ryan was 7 years old his dad built a mini ramp in the backyard and ryan began skateboarding every day. Just six years later Sheckler would turn pro. By the age of 18 Ryan Sheckler had a TV show with MTV which further launched him into pop culture superstardom. Ryan has been in the industry for years and is one of the most popular stars to come from the sport in the last decade. Shecklers not just all buzz, he consistently proves he has the skill to back it up and thats why he's #8 on our list. 

#7 Chris Cole: Chris Cole was born in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. He started skateboarding when he was just 8 years old. Cole became a pro in the year 2000 and hasn't looked back since. Chris Cole is truly a skateboarding veteran still shredding today. He is widely known for his technical flat ground skating. Cole has certainly made his mark on the skateboarding industry, his numerous awards and accomplishments prove that. This is why cole is #7 on our list.

#6 Paul Rodriguez: Pual Rodriguez was born in Tarzana, California in 1984. Rodriguez was given the nickname  P-Rod by his classmates when he was around 11 years of age. When Rodriguez was 12 years old he was given a skateboard by his parents as a christmas gift. Rodriguez was fascinated with the sport after seeing kids skateboarding at his new school. After getting his first board he was hooked. Rodriguez would later go on to win a staggering 8 X Games medals and numerous competitions to secure his place in the top 10.

#5 Nyjah Houston: Houston was born in Malibu, California in 1994. He was raised in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. Houston started skating at the age of 4 years old under the guidance of his father. Houston shot his way into the top 10 by simply winning and doing allot of it. At the age of 21 Houston has won more prize money than any other skateboarder in history. Thats saying something. He has won street league many times and has some X Games medals to his name. Nyjah is truly a rising star and thats why he's #5 on our list.

#4 Danny Way: Way was born in Portland, Oregon in 1974. He widely known for his extreme skateboarding stunts and is recognized for pioneering megaramps. He has also taken home his fair share of X Games gold medals. Way has won skater of the year twice and made a name for himself performing incredible stunts. 

#3 Bob Burnquist: Burnquist was born in Rio de janerio in 1976. Burnquist began skateboarding in his hometown at the age of 11. When Burnquist was 14 years old he became pro. The brazilian born Burnquist became the first skateboarder to land the fakie 900, only five people in history have successfully completed the trick. Burnquist has appeared in every single X Games winning a total of 26 medals. Burnquist resume has entrenched his status as one of the top 10 skateboarders of all time. 

#2 Tony Hawk: Hawk was born in Las Angeles, California in 1968. Hawk is popular for completing the first 900 ever documented. Hawk is also know for his extremely popular video game series. As a child Hawk was naturally talented and his parents saw skateboarding as a way for him to let out his excessive energy. Hawk was so good that he became a pro at the age of 14. Hawk was the National Skateboard Association world champion for twelve years in a row. Hawks numerous awards alone make him deserving of this list but it's what Hawk contributed to skateboarding that makes him #2. The popularity that Tony Hawk had in the late 90's and early 2000's was unlike anything skateboarding had seen before. Hawk became the name and face of skateboarding and helped drive the sport from underground to pop culture phenomenon. 

#1 Rodney Mullen: Mullen was born in Gainesville, Florida in 1966. Mullen began skateboarding at the age of 10 after a neighborhood friend introduced him to skateboarding. Mullen began practicing in the garage of his family home to perfect his craft. It was there that many of todays popular tricks where crafted. Mullen created allot of the famous tricks that all skaters use today such as the Ollie, Kickflip, Heelflip etc. His technical skating mastery and attention to detail is what set Mullen a level above the rest. Skateboarding would't be where it is today if it wasn't for Rodney Mullen, thats why he is #1 on our list. 


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