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6 Rappers Who Skateboard


The Hip hop and skateboarding communities are very different entities but these artist are blurring the line. We have massive respect for rappers taking up the sport. Due to the high probability of injury anyone who skates is likely to get a few bumps and bruises along the road. Only those who truly love the sport will stick with it. Though allot of these rap superstars don't publicly state their love for the sport, you would be surprised to see how many of them have showed interest. 

Tyler The Creator & Odd Future: Before they were a big time music group, the guys from Odd Future were just kids who liked to create music and skate around town. You can find old videos of the crew playing games of skate and having a good time.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK): Machine Gun Kelly is reported to be really friends with pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. They are so close that MGK and Sheckler teamed up to create a video for MGK's single entitled "Skate Cans" off his mixtape. Kelly said that the song was inspired by Sheckler and that he took up skateboarding in 7th grade. 

Yelawolf: If any rapper on this list had a legitimate shot at skateboarding as an alternate career it would be Yelawolf. Yelawolf has reported said that his skating style is wild just like his music. Speaking about skating, he says, "It's something I do, it's something that I love doing, but it's nothing that I'd ever want to exploit. I think skateboarders respect that, and I think that's why I've been embraced within that culture.”

Joey Badass: Joey Badass has said in interviews that he fell in love with the sport. After using his skateboard to get around in NYC he fell in love with the culture and is now trying to master some tricks. 

Wiz Khalifa: Khalifa is not ashamed to flaunt his love for the sport on social media. He skates on his free time to have some fun and stay in shape. He got into skating later in life but still very much enjoys it. Khalifa occasionally post some pretty impressive videos of him skateboarding to his instagram. 

Pharrell: Pharrell has been representing skateboarding in the hip hop industry for a long time. He has consistently showed a love for skateboarding. He frequently features skateboarding in his music videos. It is reported that he has even created his own skate team. 

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