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10 Ways Skateboarders Can Cope With Winter Weather

The peak of the skateboarding craze is during the summer months. Summer only last for so long and soon winter has us in it's clutches. The worst thing a dedicated skateboarder can face is harsh winter weather consisting of a mix of rain, sleet and snow. Fear not dedicated skaters because we have complied a comprehensive list of 10 effective ways to cope with the winter weather.

Take Advantage Of All Opportunities To Skate That The Weather Permits: Sometimes mother nature gives you a freebie. Be prepared to take advantage of all available freebies to keep yourself sharp. This tip may seem pretty obvious but many skaters completely abandon their boards in the winter. Don't let the cold weather stop you. You will be happy you took those opportunities in the spring. 

Bad Weather Spots: These are spots with a structure directly overhead or a painted pavement. These spots remain dry in winter months when snow and rain become a problem. Go out in your area and scout some spots to see which one's a best equipped to stay dry/dry quickly during the wet season.

A Parking Garage: Not many sports teams play games during the grueling winter months. Parking garages are usually left pretty much unattended with minimal security and staff during the winter season. We advise that you ask permission from the manager before seeking to skate these spots. The easiest way is to know a garage employee that can cover or advocate for you. 

Indoor SkateParks: The easiest and safest bet for any skateboarder is to take advantage of indoor skateparks. This one is a given. If you have a local indoor park then try going there. Some parks may cost you money, but it's usually not much and most offer relatively cheap membership. We advise you call before visiting so you can know pricing details. 

Try Snowboarding: A lot of professional skateboarders enjoy snowboarding. A lot of the skills associated with skateboarding translate over to snowboarding. The downside is snowboarding is not cheap. If your willing to cough up the cash then snowboarding is a viable option.

Try Carpet Skating: If you have a carpet in your house you can try carpet skating. All you need is a deck. You can practice tricks right in the comfort of your own home. This is a good way to develop your timing and improve your skills.

Skate Videos: There's nothing like sitting by the fire and watching skate videos. Skate videos are perfect for those winter months. The videos get you hyped for spring and you learn by watching the pros. Study your favorite skater in slow motion and watch their every movement. Once you have examined the footage compare it to your own and see how you could improve. 

Make Some Edits: Most skateboarders have a lot of gnarly footage stored on their cameras. The winter is a great time to take this footage and make some awesome edits. Don't let that footage go to waste.

Skateboard Video Games: This is a really fun way to get your skateboarding fix in the winter. This will help hold you over until the spring time.

Take Advantage Of Store Discounts: During the winter online and brick and mortar shops are not selling as much. You can always expect winter sales on t-shirts, skateboards etc. You don't have to wait until the summer to get these things when prices are sky high. Get them in the winter and hold them over until the spring/summer. This is a great way to save money on skateboarding gear. 

If you have any more suggestions let us know in the comments section below. 



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